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Strippers, Brothels and Escort Agencies

Got an Itch?  Look for Local Strippers, Brothels and Escort Agencies

Are you a root rat?  Or just looking for a “quick pash?”  Then check out the strippers, brothels and escort agencies in Australia.  If you have an itch then head over to the Red Light District in Australia.  Bear in mind that Australian laws are localised; therefore, you would do wise to investigate laws for each major city or state. 

For example, the laws in New South Wales are liberal compared to the laws in the northern and southern parts of the country.  Brothels are legal in some areas and illegal in others.  If you are looking for a good time then be prepared to “show it”, as workers have to check clients for STDs. 

Some cities have the reputation of having rowdy strippers, brothels and escort agencies, while others are relatively tame.  In the Red Light District area, where brothels are legal, expect a lot of “offers” from very generous women.  In areas where brothels are illegal, look for escorts.  Escorts are sort of the same thing as prostitutes, except they have the right to take your money and run home at the end of the night.  If all else fails, get a good look at the merchandise by visiting a strip club.

Strippers, brothels and escort agencies are great for “B & S” and the perfect cure for boredom.


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